GDPR, CCPA, and PECR compliant

All-in-one web analytics.

Easy and friendly analytics. Track your users journey, replay sessions, collect heatmaps & more.

Tracking modes

Lightweight & advanced anonymized behaviour tracking.

We respect your data

It's owned by you. you can fully delete it at any point.

Private, safe & compliant

We respect all modern privacy and tracking regulations.

Visitors history

Fully anonymized history of visitors. Get to know when your visitors come back and what they are doing.

Visitor behaviour

Understand your users

Check each visitors journey on your site without intruding their privacy.

Live info

Realtime visitor analytics

Get live data on what your users are doing on your site.

Current active countries
Used devices
Accessed pages

Privacy friendly heatmaps

Collect anonymous click data and generate easy to understand heatmaps.

Total clicks per device
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile versioned heatmaps
Full page heatmaps
Session recording

Record & replay visitors sessions

Get to watch a full video representation of what a user did on your website.

Automatically hidden private details
Mouse clicks & trails
Full journey through pages

Easy setup & integration on any website.

Copy and paste one line of code into your website.

Invite people and share access to your analytics with your team.
Goals tracking
Create custom analytics goals to track conversions with ease.
Data export
Export your data to CSV or JSON with a click of a button.
Email reports
Get email briefs of your overall website stats frequently.
Custom parameters
Dynamically link variables from your website to tracked visitors.
We track 17 websites and store more than 132K pageviews.

Own your analytics.

Simple to understand analytics, yet highly powerful.